Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 4

I forgot to post this yesterday. This is for Day 4, should be November 4th. I will post my Nov. 5th later today.

I have been doing a photography course in an attempt to learn how to use this beautiful camera my loving husband bought for me. He knows how much I love to take photographs and so he bought me this camera shortly after we moved here.

It does take wonderful photographs on its automatic setting, there is no doubt about that.

But as it's a DSLR, and I actually own three variable lenses for it, it seems a shame to not know how to use it better than just on automatic.

Each lesson comes with some assignments, or practice. While I don't expect to remember everything right off the bat (I am taking lots of notes in a small book that I can bring in my camera bag!), I am doing the practice shots to get the feel for things.

So that's my art for today (well, yesterday). I was out most of the day and just forgot to get the stuff posted...

These shots are with my zoom lens. I don't use it too often because I have found it hard to focus- but I am learning :)

Here is our dynamic duo, Riley (yellow) and Rosie (black). We got Riley as a puppy, and adopted Rosie from a rescue when she and Riley were both around a year old, back in May of this year. It couldn't have turned out better if we'd planned it :)

Riley, the loving and rambunctious rascal

Rosie, the sweet and gentle girl

My daughters insisted on buying wizard hats for the puppies for Halloween. They had them on for all of 5 seconds- so I had to be really fast with the camera! You never heard so much giggling in this house as those few seconds... the photos I got were worth the struggles of trying to keep the hats on and snapping away to get some pix... lol

 One of my rose bushes turned these beautiful fall colors this year! I planted this rose the first summer I moved here and it's really the only one that's survived. It's never turned these colors before either. I have no idea how this all works. But I thought I would like to have a photo of it.