Sunday, July 25, 2010

Italy Panels!

Since I finally have things pretty much back to normal, I figured it was time to start on the project I thought of while on holiday with DH in Italy this summer.

I collected and saved all of our ticket stubs from museums, trains, everything. I saved sales receipts, sugar packets (a couple of them were really cool!), bread stick wrappers, a newspaper, brochures, etc.

Of course, I only had a vague idea then, and I have to confess, it's still rather vague now too! lol

I have sorted out all the paraphernalia into places, so there will be seven pieces in this project. One for each place: Milan, Lake Como, Torino, Genova, Cinque Terre, Pisa, and Firenze.

I bought seven 11 x 14 canvas panels (actually nine, since they came in 3-packs), and started on the backgrounds today.

I did one at a time, starting by covering the panel with matte medium. Then I tore strips and chunks of the newspaper and mostly covered the panel.

When the board was covered with just some little blank spots, I covered it all with another coat of matte medium, and smoothed it out with my fingers. This is really messy and hard to get off your fingers, so you could wear gloves. I don't, because I kind of enjoy the mess as part of the process.

Then I sprayed it with Tsukinek Walnut Ink, in Eucalyptus. I like the way it enhances the wrinkle of the newspaper and the texture of the canvas.

I did all seven of them, and they are drying right now.

Here is one panel closer up- it's drier because it was done first.

After they are all fully dry, I will see how dark they are, and I suppose before I decide if they need lightening up or not, I should see what the next layer looks like next to it.

And what to put on besides ticket stubs?

When I go through my stuff, I will tear out the place name for each from a brochure.

I made a journal entry from each place. They are still sketches, and I have scanned them into my computer. I can print out a smaller copies of them and colour or paint them, if I want. Or I could print out the smaller copies and put them on as is. I haven't decided. Maybe I won't include them at all.

I am also thinking of choosing a photo or two for each place and printing it on Lutradur, but again, no concrete plans. 

I have a feeling that this project will lead me where I need to go. Actually that is often the case with much of what I do, because nothing ever turns out the way I originally envisioned... lol

I will keep you posted as I progress.