Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am one LUCKY DUCK!!!

Entering giveaways is fun and I have had fun doing it because it leads me to new artists to follow and love!

Every time I enter a giveaway, I become a "follower" so that I can enjoy seeing others' work and joy, and so I can learn.

This week however, I actually won- not once, but TWICE.

First, I won a great tote bag and apron from Susan Brubaker Knapp at . All I had to do was look at beautiful photos from Quilt Market and make a comment. Looking was wonderful! I don't get to go to Quilt Market so I love it when people share photos and their experiences!

Susan is a wonderful quilt artist and author who teaches online and is featured in Quilting Arts magazine often. Her blog is informative, interesting, and fun, you should go check it out. You can follow her too! Thank you so much, Susan!

Then, just tonight I found out I am the third winner in the Brave Girls Club "AWESOME" giveaway. The girls over at Brave Girls are giving away a free "Soul Restoration" online class for every 1000 "AWESOME" comments they get.

If you haven't already, you should go and check out their main site:
You will find information about the Soul Restoration class, you can sign up for the Daily Truth emails, which are short, inspirational messages that will lift up your spirits every day, you can find out about their Brave Girl Camps and Retreats (going to Brave Girl Camp is definitely on my Bucket List!), and join their community to stay in touch with Brave Girls around the world.

I am not describing it very well- you should just go there and see what all the fuss is about for yourself- you won't be sorry!

Thank you Kathy and Melody, I can't wait to dive into this new class with both feet!

On a side note, I HAVE been creating... but too busy to post photos! I am scrambling to get a queen sized quilt finished for a good friend of mine- it has to be mailed to Canada before Christmas and I have a ways to go yet. But that is because I keep changing my mind about how things should go on it. It would be easier to follow a pattern. But you already know I am not a pattern person... lol

I will post photos of the quilt before mailing. And maybe of some other stuff I have been making in between!