Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On a roll!

I took advantage of the peace and quiet of today to work on some things in my beloved studio. Having my husband home for the last few days recuperating from surgery has meant a modified schedule for me- and LOTS of time to spend in my studio. I don't even know where all this energy and all of these ideas come from- I am just bubbling over with creative juices!

Now that I am doing a lot of mixed media, I like to have two or three things to work on simultaneously- while the gel medium dries on one project, I can paint another, and while the paint dries, I can move on to something else.

Of course with an art quilt in the works and my trusty sketchbook, there is always something to pick up at a moment's notice. 

It is a bit astonishing to me: since January, I have actually completed a number of things instead of just dreaming about them! lol

First thing I did today was embellish the cover of my Moleskine sketch book. I sanded it yesterday to get it ready to hold tight to whatever I decided to slap on it this morning!

I painted, collaged, distressed, glued, glittered, and wrote on it. I am really happy with how it came out- and a little surprised too, as I had no plan at all when I started.

Next I did the next stage of my fairy. I had attached her to the backing and coloured her with my Prismacolors.

Today I did some painting and dripping, collaged some words and phrases into the background and did her wings. I really like her wings- I cut some white organza into little pieces and collaged them on with gel medium. Using little pieces instead of one big one gives her some texture and interest. She is not finished, but getting there...

Lastly, I made a copy of a recent sketch and attached it to my wood with matte medium. After it dried a bit, I sketched in the rest of her hair and her wings. Then took out my wood burning tool and added the feathers that will make up her wings. I haven't done any big things like this with the wood burner before. It was a little hot after a while and my hand got tired by the time I was finished, but I have to say, it was fun. And I like that I will be able to work the paint into the grooved pattern. Not sure exactly what the next step is.

Well, I guess it should be her face. Since I used a copy of my drawing, the ink ran when I attached it to the wood, so she looks all grey- but she won't stay that way, she will be all peachy and pure-looking when I get through with her! lol

Stay tuned for updated photos as I get stuff done!