Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Girls!

Happy Fourth of July all!

As any of you who follow my blog already know, I have been taking online classes with Suzi Blu since January. And as I am sure you also know, I have had an absolute blast of a time while I learn.

Earlier in the week, Suzi challenged all of us to make a Fourth of July piece. We have to put it in the student gallery at Suzi Blu's Les Petit Academy for our fellow artists to see and comment on (and my fellow artists are the most incredibly supportive group EVER), and then do a post on our blogs about our experiences in Suzi's Underground Art Skool. Here is the link:

So here is my piece, even though I feel it is not quite done yet.  What fun I had making it, especially trying to figure out that crazy hair! Being a Canadian who has just had the temporary residency status taken off of her green card (I am a legal resident alien now! lol), I thought it only fitting to do both a Canadian AND American girl. (We just celebrated Canada's birthday on July 1st).

For some unknown reason, my photos rarely do my work justice. When I look at this piece in person, I don't see everything so defined- yet here, as I look, things stand out too much... I really think I need to invest in some kind of better flash or light to photograph my stuff!

This is done on glass primed with gesso. There is a map of the US and Canada in the background, along with paints, colored pencils, stamps, paper, Angelina fibers (the hair!), sequins (I just happened to have red, white, and blue stars and red maple leaves!), irrrdescent medium, bleeding tissue, and lots of Titan Buff paint- I still don't have their faces right and keep going over them. But at this point, I am running out of time to post, so posting I am!

My move here to the States HAS been an adventure in both happiness and immigration! And since moving here, I am learning new things all of the time, not the least of which is about art.

I will just say, for anyone who has ever wanted to learn to draw but thought they could never do it, these classes will change your mind. Besides learning some really good basics in a wonderfully supportive way, you will find yourself surrounded by a fantastic group of fellow artists, and led by a teacher who is funny,  gifted, and so wonderful to learn from.

There are no "requirements" to get things done, for things to look a certain way. In fact, the way Suzi approaches her teaching with an attitude that everything we all make is art. She wants us to know that we need to foster patience with ourselves and the process of learning. We are encouraged to copy her examples, because that is how the masters learned it- and no one's art looks like anyone else's anyway! lol

Most of all, what has helped me grow in confidence is the knowledge that I can always fix my mistakes or work them into something else. There is such a freedom in that! It's blanket permission to just get into the studio and make what moves me at that moment without all of the stress and worry that it might not be right or good enough.

Taking classes with Suzi is the best thing I have ever done for myself- because I NEED to create and I, like many other artists, flourish when I am inspired and encouraged by like-minded, generous, talented people.

I know a number of talented women who follow my blog and whose blog I follow, are my fellow students with Suzi, and they know exactly what I am talking about.

If you are not already a Suzi student, why not click on this link and check out the available classes?
If you have a little time this summer, you can even try a class for a discounted price right now. If you sign up, you still have till September to submit your work for feedback. It's a great deal! If you want access to the critique rooms for a whole semester, the new classes will start in September. You will never know the heights you can reach until you try.

Just in case you are wondering after reading this post: no, I am not being paid to promote Suzi Skool. lol I just want to share with you something that has really changed my life by helping me see that I too, can create beautiful things, and express myself in so many ways as an artist!