Friday, October 8, 2010

My art this week...

My art this week was creating peace for myself when I most needed it and creating tasty food and a pretty setting for my get-together today.

Monday morning started off very badly with a family thing (I have two teenaged daughters at home- 'nuff said, right? lol), and I was feeling really low.

Instead of letting myself get into a funk about it, I did what housework absolutely had to be looked after and then spent the rest of the day in my studio, letting off steam through my hands, and it was wonderful!

Tuesday was my only son's 20th birthday. He lives two thousand miles away from me, and it is always a little tough to not be there on special celebratory days- but we had a great chat on the phone and he had a great birthday. Very fitting- he's a great guy. (I almost said kid. Yikes.)

Tuesday I also had my car in the garage all day, so there was the traveling back and forth for that, between the cleaning and planning and researching and creating.

Wednesday they came to put the very last finishing touches on my kitchen and not a moment too soon! I spent a good portion of that day in my studio as well, as I was making some little quilty ornaments and trying to finish up my Italy panels so I could hang them on the wall before Friday.

So what about Friday caused the hurry?

I belong to an antiques group with my neighbor and today was my day to host the group for lunch and a program. I had two co-hostesses who helped with planning, food, set up, and clean up.

I had to borrow most of the dishes and silverware we used, as there were 19 of us! I also had to borrow a teapot, coffee pot, sugar bowl, creamer, and large coffee maker... Thankfully, I actually have seating for 19 people, believe it or not! lol

I made lasagna and fresh dinner rolls, one of my helpers made an amazing spinach and fruit salad, and my other helper made the moistest, tastiest pumpkin cake for dessert.

I presented the program on the history of quilting, and after that I showed some of my quilted things (bed quilts, art quilts, bags/purses), and everyone was so kind and excited! I had invited the others to bring a quilt to show and talk about, and that was just the most fun- in fact, we are going to continue with it for the show and tell for next month too!

In the middle of the photo, to the right of the fireplace, you can kind of see my Italy panels hanging on the wall. I haven't finished the 9th one yet, but I hung what I had and I had a lot of great feedback on them today.

It was kind of scary; this was not only the first time I have entertained a large group (ever), but it was the first time that I had a lot of my work out for people to see. But I got so many positive comments it was very cool!

Here are the tables all set up for my guests. Don't you love the flowers? My neighbor Elizabeth and her husband were here at 8:30 am this morning with a bunch of vases and freshly cut roses from her garden!

All of my lovely guests had a good time, as did I. After everyone left, I wondered to myself how on earth I got here? I wasn't nervous today at all- I felt complete confidence in my abilities to entertain my friends, to feed them, to present an interesting program... when in my past, I would never have been able to pull any of that off. And not because of my lack of space- I just didn't have any faith in myself or my ability to do anything well enough, and that always caused me a lot of stress.

Today was stress-free. Not only that, it was fun! And it is all because I am growing into the person that has always been inside of me. I am loved, I am treasured, and I am free.

My darling hubby spoils me ROTTEN, I have to say. What a beautiful home we are making together. I am a HAPPY, HAPPY girl!