Friday, February 12, 2010

Along with the sketching...

I have been pretty consumed with my Suzi Blu Goddess & Poet class, I have to admit. I LOVE sketching these faces and am always astounded that they all look so different! And that I can make them change even as I go along just by changing the eyebrow angle or the fullness of the mouth or the slant of the eyes...Very cool!

I am also a member of the Free Lunch Cafe online, which is run by Linda Matthews and is also a lot of fun. You sign up and at the beginning of the month, you get instructions for your first homework, which must be completed and posted (a photo) in order to get the second lesson. Signing up and some of the classes are free, and Linda offers some outstanding detailed classes for a fee. Based on what I have seen of Linda's work, I bet anything taken with her would be well worth the money!

So this has been a busy art week. I did my graphite girls in my Moleskine journal and covered them in clear Gesso. Now I am to move on to some basic colour shading, which I am feeling apprehensive about... but that is another story! lol

I finished a little black and white optical illusion quilt that I started a couple of weeks back. I put it on stretcher bars and now just need a place to hang it. I think it's cool.

Then I did my finished piece for the Free Lunch Cafe. Our assignment involved photo transfer and I chose a photo that showed our two flags flying in front of our house. It's printed on both fabric and a dryer sheet, quilted into the log cabin pattern, embellished with Lumiere paint and ink on a stamp, there is a little journalling, and a little heart to boot! I got to use all of my Canadian and American-specific fabrics and I whipped it up in an afternoon. It was fun! I need to do these little projects once in a while to remind myself that not all things quilting take forever! lol

Please excuse the poor photos, they really don't show the projects very well. My scanner is NOT cooperating with my computer and I am having the worst time trying to figure out how to best photograph my work. So far, not much luck. I really need to take a camera course to learn how to really use my camera for what I need to.