Sunday, April 25, 2010

Because I am an artist

Something strange is happening to me.

Every time I look at someone, at some point I catch myself examining where the shadows fall on their face so I can sketch better.

Leftover hardware from hanging a new light fixture is quickly squirreled away in my studio because I just had a flash of the perfect wall hanging to make for our newly decorated dining room.

My little pencil case containing my sketching pencils, kneaded eraser, ruler, and circle template goes with me a LOT of places, just in case.

I have purse sized sketch pads and notebooks which are filled with ideas, sketches, and scribbles.

I used my colour tool to shop for my silk curtains and other accessories- I took it to the store with me and agonized over shades of red, red orange, and orange.

I go to bed with grandiose ideas of new projects and things I want to do to make our home more lovely.

I plan my day so that I always have time in my studio- even just to dream if nothing else. And I do that because I have come to believe that what I create is important- THAT I create is important.

I am not the same person I once was. I see and experience things so differently than I used to. I am compelled to create, it is not a choice!

I may never sell anything I make, or become well-known for anything I do.

But one thing is becoming crystal clear to me:

I see things differently because I am using an artist's eye.
I experience things differently because I believe I can re-create my feelings about something with my art.
I am compelled because I have things to say- and I believe that someone wants to hear them.

Because I am an artist. Yep- ME. Little old me. Suzi says so. But you know what? I say so too!

And I will keep saying it out loud to keep things happening on this wonderful road of discovery!