Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finally back!

I am finally back to normal (and I use that term very loosely! lol) life.

Rich and I have had our wonderful trip to Italy, and I have been busily organizing my 2000+ photos...
I will be sharing a number of them on this blog, as I took them specifically for their inspiration. But it will still likely take me a little bit to get things sorted.

I am the mother of four, two teens living here with me and my husband, and two young adults, living and working up in Ottawa, Canada, where we are from.

The two youngest went up to Ottawa and spent three weeks with their siblings- then all four of them flew here, so I could also have a visit with them. I usually only get to see them at Christmas, because of their work and school obligations.

Anyway, all of my kids are artistic and enjoy doing and making things. I was really looking forward to spending time with my three girls in my studio, and wanted my son to join us, but didn't think he would enjoy making an art journal, doing mixed media, etc.

So I did a little research and found that there were books and kits to teach someone how to draw Marvel-type comics, something my son is completely taken with!

I ordered a couple of books and a kit for Ben, and I ordered a couple of books and a mixed media kit for Holly.

Much to my delight, my studio was the hub of a lot of the week's activity! They were all in there at various times, adding things to their projects and just generally relaxing and enjoying themselves together.

I wanted to help them add art to their lives- in an accessible way. I had them use their kits and as many of my supplies as they wanted, to see what they wanted to have for themselves at home in addition to their kits and books.

We went on a little spree to purchase some basics for them to bring home: paint brushes, water soluble coloured pencils, regular coloured pencils, mechanical pencils, kneaded erasers, sketch books, journals, a set of oil pastels for Holly, a little manikin and some different rulers for Ben; there might have been more, I can't remember what else.

As Holly and Ben support themselves without help from me, they pretty much live paycheck to paycheck and art supplies are a luxury.

Only I don't think that is true, really. I really believe what Jenny Doh says "ART SAVES".
I think by being able to send my kids home with their own art supplies, I have given them another way to deal with the stresses of every day life, and the ability to create joy whenever they please!

Here are three of them working away intently- I must have stood and watched them for a good ten minutes, just feeling the happy wash over me!

Here are a few things Holly made:

Her mixed media on wood

Her art journal

And a pastel drawing

And Ben's:

Comic book hero (not sure if he has a name)

A kind of mixed media piece using some lines from the movie, "Boondock Saints"(I believe)

And another on wood with the comic guy's face

Chloe worked on her art journal- this is a page spread (I haven't gotten a photo of the cover yet)

Aren't they talented?!

Heidi started work on her art journal as well, but she had to work some of the time and didn't get to spend as much time in the studio as the rest of them. I will post more journal pictures that Heidi and Chloe do over the summer.

I am hoping that I have convinced all of them that creating is an integral part of life.

I told them all that I expect them to make me a piece of art as a Christmas gift. I don't want anything else, but to be able to hang up and look at things my kids have created for me. My studio is just going to get better and better!