Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Swapzville at Scrapzville!

Hi all!

I have been having a lot of fun over the last couple of months, participating in some mini-album swaps over at Scrapzville! You can click on the link and go there too, and join in if you like- or click on the Swapzville button to the right of this post.

I joined the swap in September and Scrapzville's swap queen, Felicia, was my partner. You can see a little video that Felicia made of the album she sent me here:
She does a much better job of showing the album than I could. It is beautiful and I am amazed that someone could do all of that, starting with TP tubes!

Then I joined again for the October "Frightful and Delightful" swap- and look what I got from Ann! I have to do photos- and they don't do it justice at all, because you just can't show everything that comes out or opens or pops up. But trust me when I say I was plenty delighted with this album! Thank you SO much, Ann!

Both of the albums I have received in the swaps look so professional and stunning; these women have scrapbooking super-powers!

I actually feel kind of sorry for the ladies that get stuck with me for a swap partner! I am such a novice and it really shows. I LOVED making the albums I made, and these two I have received have already taught me a lot of things- but I am a rank amateur, no doubt about it.

These are jolly gals to play with though, and I am thankful that they have been gracious and encouraging about my fledgling skills.

Over the Christmas holidays, or before if I can make a little time, I am going to fill these lovelies with old photos and put them up on my mantle- they are so beautiful, they just NEED to be displayed! And I have to tell you, my kids are going to have so much fun looking through these!

Thanks again, Felicia and Ann, you are amazing artists and I am just thrilled to have some of your work in my home!