Friday, November 1, 2013

Art Every Day for a Month- Day 1

In the interest of kick-starting my creative juices, and getting back to where I feel I really need to be, I jumped in to the Art Every Day for a Month Challenge :)

It's not too late for you to join in if you are interested. It's a very relaxed challenge, check it out here and see what you think:

I am a very creative person overall, and I don't expect my endeavors to be of one kind only this month. I will be happy with myself if I get photos of my stuff posted every day! I look forward to the extra push this challenge will give me to be accountable to my time and my commitment.

For today, I started with a sketch. I love to draw, and this is a great time to practice. I need it too. lol

Now that I am looking at the photo, I can see where I need to make some adjustments in the fairy's body. I also need to flesh this out with shading and some color, but hey, at least I sat down and did sketched. That's a big deal for me- I'm not great at making time for myself during the day to do things that I love.

Also, I think I need to clean my camera lens. lol