Monday, August 23, 2010

Still working on background

So I have added more to the backgrounds- Titan buff rubbed on, then splattered on.

Rubber stamps (two I made myself from scraps of a new set I just bought), in blue, green, mauve, and white. See, I think the background is nice, but so dark that the photos won't show. This is my attempt to lighten it up. I might put some light coloured ink around the torn edges of the photos too- but I am trying to be careful not to introduce too many colours. Maybe I already have too many... I could paint over it, if I must!

A closer view of one panel- I need to lighten it without completely covering the Italian newspaper I used as a first layer.

A view of the set. The place names are rub-on letters on scrapbook paper then torn- they look good to me, but as I look at these photos, I can see they will need to be grunged up a bit so they don't stick out like a sore thumb! lol 

I may have to change/paint over some of the colours too, but I am waiting to see.

I have my photos sorted and torn, my ticket stubs and maps all ready- now for the courage to start putting it all together!

I find I do better work when I don't think TOO much. My subconscious seems to have a better feel for things than my conscious! lol