Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coming along...

After working on the backgrounds of my Italy pieces for a few days (here and there), I got a little stuck as to where to go next.

Then I got a little scared. I was liking the backgrounds and didn't want to ruin them.

So I started by laying out the photos and the ticket stubs and various paraphernalia that I wanted to display on the boards, moving them around to suit me, and fitting in each place name where it seemed to go.

Then I looked some more, day after day, afraid to do anything permanent, to wreck all the work and thought I had put in so far.

On the weekend, we worked like crazy on Saturday to get everything around the house done so we could relax on Sunday.

And then here I was with this time, late Sunday afternoon. For a moment I hesitated: should I just charge right in and glue the stuff down, or should I spend more time agonizing over whether I had everything just right or not?

I decided I was being ridiculous and just started getting the stuff attached, one panel at a time.

I need to print a few more photos- there are a few holes now where there weren't before... not sure how that happened exactly...

I am debating whether to label the photos on the front, or make a list on the back. I need to decide also how to and how much to tone down some of these items that really stand out.

I have walnut inks in four different colours, which I could brush or spray on.

I have both Paynes Gray and Burnt Umber Golden Fluid acrylics which work wonders at shading- but as there is both blue and brown in these, I am not sure which way I want to go.

It's a little odd; usually when I post my work up here and I can see the photos from a different perspective, I notice many things that I don't like and that don't fit. But these actually look better in the photos than I think they look on my table.

Which brings up important questions. What do/will others see? Should I work forward based on what I see in the photo here or what I see in front of me?

I guess this is where some experience would really help me. And I guess the only way to get it, is to DO it!