Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quick peek

Okay, it's been a while since I posted anything I have been working on, so I wanted to post a photo this morning to show you that I AM working on something! lol

I lost the whole week last week with the holiday and company and this quilt MUST get in the mail no later than Saturday, or I'm afraid it won't arrive in Canada before Christmas.

I have to admit, that imaginary line, the border between the US and Canada, does baffle me- how does it cause so much stress to the post office on both sides??? I have had Christmas packages travel from here to there in five days, in other instances, it took more than three weeks... I will have to keep my fingers crossed that this time will be on the shorter side.

So here is a quick peek at the quilt. It's for my BF Brenda's 25th anniversary and is a sampler quilt of sorts.

Everything in it is there for a reason or to represent a number and I can't explain now just in case Brenda decides to check out my blog.

But I will make sure to take lots of photos before sending it out and I will tell you the quilt story!