Sunday, November 10, 2013

Days 9 & 10

Finishing this project up took two of my studio times, yesterday's and today's.

What a lot of fun it was, though. I really enjoyed the slow pace of the hand work, sewing each of the little beads on, and I got quite a thrill out of seeing the pops of color on my piece.

This piece was also done for my color class, and was also taken from a photo I took while on holiday. This particular photo was taken in the Cinque Terre, Italy in early June and all of the streets were vibrant with color in the forms of the homes and the flowers everywhere. It was a beautiful feast for the eyes!

I sketched this onto fabric, free motion quilted the solid lines and heavy areas in black thread, then "colored" in with dry pastels, adding water to give me the watercolor effect. I then added some other quilting/coloring in colored thread, and then it sat for a long time.

It's been pinned up on my design wall for ages and it called out to me yesterday when I needed some quiet hand work to do. It was a joy to work on and finish.