Saturday, November 14, 2009

My start in Art Quilting

I have been drawn into the world of art quilting and suddenly there just seem to be SO many possibilities out there!

I am glad to have learned the basics of quilting, but it is very liberating to be able to make up my own rules, to experiment with new techniques, and give my creativity room to grow.

I started with a simple landscape wall hanging, based on a photo I took a while back.

My next foray was based on a technique I learned in a book- I will get the information about it and post it here soon. I donated that quilt to a quilt marathon back at a store I used to work in.

The most recent I have finished will be part of a series. This wasn't at all how I originally pictured it in my mind's eye, but part of the process I am trying to learn is how to let things happen. I tend to be a control freak and it is a big step for me to let go of how I think things HAVE to be- and just let them develop as I go along.

I am happy to be learning how to create beautiful things! And in my opinion, there are no strict guidelines on what art is. If you make it and it makes you happy or satisfies something in or for you- it is art. I create, therefore I am. Now I get that statement!