Saturday, March 23, 2013

Color Class Lesson 5- Analogous

Oh my, how remiss I am in posting. I won't make excuses because there are none. I don't know why I stopped posting about my classes or art-making. But I am back!

I finished the color class and went right on to Heather's Design class. It was scary, challenging, but also more fun and enlightening than I would have thought it could be.

I am going to post the rest of my photos from the color class, and then go back and add the comments, let you know how I did. Because I have current projects I want to post about too, but I would like to keep these all together first.

For any of you who have been fortunate enough to take classes with Heather Thomas, you will know that she is kind but she doesn't lie. One of her favorite questions to any of us who needed to be told that we missed the mark in some way was "Have you got your big girl panties on?" lol Guess who heard that a LOT? Yes indeedy, it was me. A few times I was asked to pull up a chair because I was going to be there a while.

I went to that class to learn and while I can't say I was proud that I made a lot of mistakes, I am proud that I tried. I didn't take any of the criticism the wrong way, I listened, made notes, and I learned. It was a great experience overall. I still need a lot of practice.

Without further adieu, here is Lesson 5, Analogous colorways. I didn't exactly "pass" on this one,  design-wise.