Friday, October 1, 2010

Some awesome people and sites to check out!

Writing my earlier post today made me think of the numerous generous people I am in contact with every day through blogs and websites, and how much talent and generosity is out there!

A number of these artists are so giving with their time and information- there is a number of them doing free tutorials or giving instructions on how they made something so you can too.

This is by no means a complete list of what is out there- but whom I have on my list right now that is generous with their talent.

In alphabetical order:

One Designer's Journey: - videos of crafty things and recipes

1st Floor Flat: - video tutorials of art & stuff

alisaburke: - recipes and how-to's for art & photography

Art Freebies: - free vintage-type images for you to use in your art

Creative Carmelita: - step-by-step instructions for many different things

Heather Thomas: - step-by-step instructions for machine quilting

Hub Bub: - lots of video tutorials for art journaling and Creative Revolutionaries

My Art Journal: - mixed media tutorials & tips/hints for craft shows

Scrapzville: - video tutorials about everything scrapbooking & monthly swaps

Teesha Moore: - how she does her art journals

The Magpie's Nest: freebies and tutorials

The Three Muses: - weekly challenges for anyone to join

Why not visit these sites and see what you think- and leave a comment for them. We bloggers LOVE comments!!!


Felicia said...

Thanks for adding me to that list Christa - I'm off to check out all of the others!!
You are a source of much information- you should write a "phone book of art"!!!

Felicia said...

Hi Christa, Did you get the email I sent you? hope so. Anyway, I'm not sure what I said to make you think you had done something wrong with the album?! Its absolutely perfect! That amount of decoration is just right, we send them so that photos can be added by the recipient but the album is all ready other then those.
If Ann receives something like I did I know she will be delighted!! Thanks for swapping again this month, take care my arty friend!