Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coming along...

After working on the backgrounds of my Italy pieces for a few days (here and there), I got a little stuck as to where to go next.

Then I got a little scared. I was liking the backgrounds and didn't want to ruin them.

So I started by laying out the photos and the ticket stubs and various paraphernalia that I wanted to display on the boards, moving them around to suit me, and fitting in each place name where it seemed to go.

Then I looked some more, day after day, afraid to do anything permanent, to wreck all the work and thought I had put in so far.

On the weekend, we worked like crazy on Saturday to get everything around the house done so we could relax on Sunday.

And then here I was with this time, late Sunday afternoon. For a moment I hesitated: should I just charge right in and glue the stuff down, or should I spend more time agonizing over whether I had everything just right or not?

I decided I was being ridiculous and just started getting the stuff attached, one panel at a time.

I need to print a few more photos- there are a few holes now where there weren't before... not sure how that happened exactly...

I am debating whether to label the photos on the front, or make a list on the back. I need to decide also how to and how much to tone down some of these items that really stand out.

I have walnut inks in four different colours, which I could brush or spray on.

I have both Paynes Gray and Burnt Umber Golden Fluid acrylics which work wonders at shading- but as there is both blue and brown in these, I am not sure which way I want to go.

It's a little odd; usually when I post my work up here and I can see the photos from a different perspective, I notice many things that I don't like and that don't fit. But these actually look better in the photos than I think they look on my table.

Which brings up important questions. What do/will others see? Should I work forward based on what I see in the photo here or what I see in front of me?

I guess this is where some experience would really help me. And I guess the only way to get it, is to DO it! 


Felicia said...

I'm still loving these! I know what you mean about taking your time to stick things in place, I always worry that I will spoil it, but these are just getting better!

Ooh, by the way, we're swap buddies! can you email me at ftdphoenix(at)iolfree(dot)ie so that we can swap postal addresses and discuss colours?
Thanks x

Felicia said...

HI Christa, thanks for leaving me a comment. Pearlised tracing paper is made by MI TEINTES - do you know that brand? I printed it in black and white. There were all these strange marks on the page,which turned out to be fingerprints of everyone who had handled the paper! I'll send you some if you can't get it. Your mini is on the way to you, hope ou like it!! x

Scrapcollectr said...

Thanks for following my blog. We bloggers love company, don't we? I admire the scale in which u r working. It looks great. I seem to have reduced my scale steadily over time. Scrapbooking became card making. Now people are doing ATCs and twinchies (2"x2") and inchies. I think I need to get back to scrap booking before I go microscopic! Lol
Have a nice day!