Thursday, April 8, 2010

the Lioness again

Okay, so I didn't like the off-balance of the quilt; the shapes under her neck stood out too much and so I have been looking at it hung up on my design wall.

Since then, I have enhanced her face with paints, coloured the bottom with oil pastels, sprayed walnut ink on the bottom, added some melted textiva, and burned bits with a wood burning tool.

Now the bottom is darker and more uniform than it was, but I am still not sure I have it right. It is hanging up again so I can look at it some more...


Heather Thomas said...

Hi Christa,

I think she is beautiful. I looked at some of your other entries and wow! - you are a great face painter.

As for your Lioness, leave her be. One of the hardest things to know when adding embellishments is when enough is enough. Ask yourself, Does it look complete? Is it balanced? Do all of the elements have purpose and do they support each other?

Never just stick stuff on for the sake of using the fun stuff. Embellishments should support the work, the are different from adornments which are added to look pretty on their own.

Your Lioness is mysterious, alluring and sexy.
Good work,
Heather Thomas

Diane said...

Christa, this is amazing!!

Juliette Crane said...

wow! i love that you've added so many different and unexpected materials. she's beautiful!

xoxo, juliette

Felicia said...

Hi Christa, i think your Lioness is done!! there are definate differences to the original, the neck is more subtle. I love it well done!! xx

Christa Irell said...

Thank you so much all for your feedback. I have difficulty with composition still- I know what I want to stand out, I know how I want to portray things- but the balance and composition still baffle me a little. So I SO appreciate your help- You are all so good at what you do!